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The Business Services Division is responsible for all day-to-day and long-range business matters of the District. We provide a myriad of services in support of K-8 schools, such as Fiscal Services, Food Services, Latchkey, Purchasing, Payroll, and Student Information System. Our goal is to deliver business services that support and enhance the learning environment in a responsible and cost-effective manner.


November 22, 2017



Attached is the Empire Union School District Developer Fee / Capital Facilities Fund Report for the Fiscal Year Ended

June 30, 2017.

This information must be posted pursuant to Government Code Section 66001(d) and Section 66006(b) within 180 days after the last day of each fiscal year.

This report will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees on December 07, 2017 at the regular scheduled Board Meeting at 6:00pm here at the Empire Union School District Office at 116 N. McClure Rd., Modesto, CA.

2016/17 Developer Fee Expense Report

2016/17 Exhibit A

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