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Oral CFU


Clock Partners

The students are each given a piece of paper with a clock on it. Each student will form four partnerships with students in the class. They will be 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00. When the teacher says, “meet with your 3:00 partner” the two students will pair up and discuss the topic.

Four Corners

To check for students’ understanding of a topic use the four corners of the room as designated areas. For example: Give the students choices to make regarding your topic. From I strongly agree to I strongly disagree and in between or sequence of a math problem, “Which step comes first?” Students go to the corner that represents their opinion and discuss. They choose a speaker to tell why they feel their corner is correct.  

Numbered Tables

The students are put at tables of 3 or 4. Each student is given a number from 1-4. The students are then given a discussion topic to discuss in their group. The teacher then calls a number, for instance “2”. All students with the number 2 assigned to them stand up and discuss what their group talked about (or give the answer their group came up with). Basically, all students have the opportunity to be the expert.

Onion Ring

Students form an inner and outer circle facing a partner. The teacher asks a question and the students are given time to respond to their partner. Next, the inner circle rotates one person to the left. The teacher asks another question and the cycle repeats itself.

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