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Writing CFU


Example/Non Example

Given a concept, students sort or write various examples/nonexamples or Given examples/non examples, students determine the concept

Flag it

Students use this strategy to help them remember information that is important to them. They will “flag” their ideas on a sticky note or flag die cut…

Take and Pass

Cooperative group activity used to share or collect information from each member of the group; students write a response, then pass to the right, add their response to next paper, continue until they get their paper back, then group debriefs.

Entrance/Exit Tickets

Each student will be given a ticket to complete before leaving the room answering: What is the most important thing I learned today? What questions do I still have? These tickets can be given to the teacher when exiting the room or upon entering the next day. The teacher uses this information to guide the instruction.

Key Word Methods

After reading a short section of a text, ask students to choose 2 words that best summarizes what the section was about. These 2 words should be recorded on a sticky note or on the text. After reading, students can use the key words to summarize the text.


Quick Writes

A timed writing in response to a question or prompt (can be used before, during, or after instruction)

Visual Representation: Web or Concept Map

Ask students to create a visual representation (e.g., web, concept map, flow chart, or time line) to show the elements or components of a topic or process. This technique effectively reveals whether students understand the relationships among the elements.


Alphabet Brainstorm

Have students list all the letters of the alphabet down a sheet of paper, leaving room beside each letter to write out the rest of a word or phrase that goes with the given topic.

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