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7/31/17 Secretaries Meeting Agenda

12 months ago

Secretaries Meeting

July 31, 2017


Human Resources 

C.W. Smith, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

Kathy Dick, Personnel Specialist

Instructional Services/Special Education Services

 Andrew Kersten, Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services/Special Education Services

Sara Mello, Administrative Assistant

Janet Parkinson, Administrative Assistant

  • Aeries, CALPADS, SEIS, CA Dashboard, CAASSP Alignment
  • Decentralized Book Room – more information from Andy/I.S. in September

Transportation Department

 Joel Sanders, Director of Maintenance, Operations, Transportation, and Facilities

Koni Hooker, Maintenance, Operations, Transportation, and Facilities Dispatcher/Secretary

Business Department

Andreya K. Viscovich, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Sarah Ever, Fiscal Analyst

Pat Black, Payroll Technician

Patty Hood, Business Services Technician

Shelly Smith, Account Technician II

  • Business Services Dates & Deadlines
  • Budgets
  • Purchasing – PO’s
    • All Purchases should be through PO process or Pre-Approved
    • Refresher training & assistance on PO Routing is available – contact Sarah, Shelly, Andreya
    • System will cutoff ability to input Purchase Requisitions on PO cutoff deadline (March 23rd)
  • Per Diem – Last Fall transitioned to reimbursing meals on per diem basis
    • Travel-Conference Reimbursement Information – This is NEW. Please give this to your employees when they request to attend a conference or workshop.
    • Conference/Workshop Approval Request – This form is REQUIRED. Please be sure to attach this form to the Request for Reimbursement after travel is complete. Employees will not be reimbursed without this form. Under the Per Diem method, receipts for meals are NOT required. However, IRS guidelines require a Travel Expense Report and this form satisfies this requirement.
    • Reimbursement will still be made after all travel is complete using the Request for Reimbursement Form. Guidelines on the back on this form (attached) have been updated to reflect the change to Per Diem.
    • Mileage will now be calculated from a fixed point (116 N. McClure Rd, Modesto, CA) to destination. MapQuest/Yahoo/Google maps are still required to verify total mileage claimed.
    • Itemized receipts are still required for all other costs (parking, transportation, and hotel).
    • Per Diem Amounts are:
    • $13/day for breakfast,
    • $20/day for lunch,
    • $35/day for dinner,
    • Per Diems are not paid for workshops within the county,
    • Per Diems are prorated based on departure and arrival times (see attached Travel-Conf Reimbursement Info.),
    • Per Diems will not be paid if conference/workshop registration include meals.
  • Office Depot
    • Exploring other options for processing
    • Process remains unchanged until further notice
  • Payroll
    • Deadlines are CRITICAL
    • EWA’s/SBA’s Must be created/Time posted PRIOR to sending over timesheets
  • Use of Facility Applications
    • Process begins at the sites
    • Site Principal, custodian and FS determine availability
  • Forms Due to Business Services
    • Transporting Students (2 Site Designees), CA DL, Insurance Declaration Page
    • Bell Schedules
    • Site Maps
    • Instructional Minute Calculations
  • Inventory
    • Green cards must be completed, including serial numbers
  • Benefits – Open Enrollment Information to follow via email