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Health Care Coverage

Assembly Bill 2706 (Hernandez) requires the California Department of Education (CDE) to develop a standardized template which provides parents and guardians with information about health care coverage options and enrollment assistance. AB 2706 requires districts to provide this information on affordable health coverage options.

In order to facilitate compliance with AB 2706, Covered California, in collaboration with the CDE, the Children’s Partnership ALL IN for Health campaign, and the California Coverage and Health Initiatives agency, created a School Educator Partner Toolkit designed for public school administrators to use in providing information about health care options.The toolkit includes sample language for newsletters, a one-page template in Spanish and English to include in weekly messages sent home with students, a list of county-based agencies, and other helpful resources. The one-page template also includes a customizable space for information on local enrollment resources. The School Educator Partner Toolkit can be accessed on the Covered California Web page at

Affordable health care is available to address health issues that affect academic achievement. This toolkit will provide educators with the information they need to share with parents and guardians regarding health care enrollment options.As educators, we understand that the health and well-being of students is key to academic, social, emotional, and physical success. Research confirms the clear connection between student health, learning, and attendance. Adolescents with poor general health are less likely to graduate from high school or attend college.

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