EUSD After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program

Program Overview

 The mission of the EUSD After School Education and Safety (ASES) program is to provide academic and social success for participating families by establishing a safe and motivating environment that supports the instructional day.  The ASES program operates every regular school day during the regular school year (180 days).  The program starts immediately upon the conclusion of the school day and operates until 6pm.  A daily nutritious snack is provided.  The program operates with a student/staff ratio no greater than 20 to 1.  ASES currently provides priority registration to students grades 3rd-6th.  The ASES program is funded annually through a federal ‘21st Century Grant’. All EUSD schools host an afterschool ASES program.

Purpose and Objectives

The ASES program provides an opportunity to merge school reform strategies with community resources. The goal is to support local efforts to improve assistance to students and broaden the base of support for education in a safe, constructive environment. It is the intent of ASES program legislation to encourage schools and school districts to provide safe and educationally enriching alternatives for children and youth during non-school hours. The program creates incentives for establishing locally driven before and after school education and enrichment programs.

The ASES program involves collaboration among parents, youth, representatives from schools and governmental agencies, such as local law enforcement and local parks and recreation departments, and individuals from community-based organizations and the private sector. Programs are created through partnerships between schools and local community resources to provide literacy, academic enrichment, and safe, constructive alternatives for students.

As required by the 21st Century Grant, the daily EUSD ASES program includes the following components:

  1. Education and Literacy Element:  The EUSD ASES Program provides homework time and homework assistance.  Homework time is done the first 45-60 minutes of the daily program .  All students participating in ASES must participate in this portion of the program.  Students picked up before the end of this segment on more than three occasions may be terminated from the program.  While time is provided to work on homework, it is not necessarily checked for completeness or accuracy by program staff.  However, ASES staff are available to provide students with homework assistance.

  1. Educational Enrichment Element:  The educational enrichment element offers an array of programs and activities that reinforce and compliment and enrich the students’ regular day academic program.  Educational enrichment may include, but is not limited to, positive youth development strategies and recreation activities including visual and performing arts, physical activity, health/nutrition promotion, community service-learning projects, science related activities, and garden clubs.  Please contact the Site Coordinator for specific program enrichment offerings.

What parents need to know about ASES…


What are the operating hours for ASES?

The ASES Program will commences immediately upon the conclusion of the regular school day and operates a minimum of 15 hours per week and at least until 6:00PM on ever regular school day.

 How much does it cost to participate in ASES?

Participation in the ASES Program is at no charge to family. According to AB 1567, effective as of July 1, 2017, after school program priority enrollment to students are given to those that are identified by the program as homeless and foster youth. However, these students still must comply with the state guidelines of the program.

 How to Sign Up? 

ASES application packets can be picked-up in the front office of each school.

 Does my student qualify? 

Any 3rd – 8th grade EUSD student can participate in the ASES program.

 Is there an Attendance Requirement?

Students go to the ASES program directly after school and they are required to attend the academic hour of the program (1st hour).  Excessive excused absences will result in a parent conference and may lead to the student being dropped. 

 What is the Behavioral Policy?

1st Reflection Form: Warning

2nd Reflection Form: 1 day suspension

3rd Reflection Form: 2 day suspension & meeting with coordinator

4th Reflection Form: Dismissal from program


Will ASES be following health and safety guidelines?

ASES will continue to comply to health and safety guidelines as directed by health officials.


COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols for our in-person ASES Program

-Enhanced disinfecting and cleaning

-Increased handwashing and/or hand sanitizing throughout program time

-Required hand sanitizer use when entering room

-Face coverings required while indoors

-Providing designated area in keeping social/physical distance of 3 feet or more indoors as practicable

-Limit non-essential visitors and/or volunteers


 Program Contacts:

 ASES -  Program Coordinator:                       (209) 521-2800

ASES – Capistrano Elementary:                    (209) 602-7165

ASES -  Empire Elementary:                         (209) 380-7925

ASES Glick Middle School:                            (209) 602-7158

ASES – Hughes Elementary:                        (209) 281-5931

ASES – Sipherd Elementary:                        (209) 499-8729

ASES – Stroud Elementary:                          (209) 247-4615