Regular Board Meeting Guidelines

To comply with public health orders and guidance regarding COVID-19 while allowing parents and community members access to observe and participate in the meetings of the Governing Board of the Empire Union School District, regular board meetings will be live-streamed and may be accessed at Members of the public may attend board meetings and address the Board in person at the board meeting room, located at 116 North McClure Road, Modesto CA. However, the Board may limit the number of persons in the board meeting room at any time in order to comply with California public health orders and guidance. All persons attending board meetings shall comply with California public health orders and guidance.

In-Person Public Comments: Members of the public who wish to provide public comments in-person during a board meeting are requested to complete a public presentation form, which is available at a small table inside the board meeting room on the day of the board meeting.  During the board meeting, speakers who have requested to address the Board in person will be called to do so. Each speaker is allowed up to three minutes to address the Board on each item. Pursuant to Board Bylaw No. 9323, the Board President may adjust the time allotted for each speaker and limit the total time for public comment.

Written Public Comments: Instead of addressing the Board in person during a board meeting, a member of the public may submit written public comments. Please submit all written comments before 5:00 p.m. on the business day before the board meeting at the EUSD District Office or by email at  Written comments will be provided to the Board Members for their review prior to the start of the meeting. The comments will not be read out loud during the meeting

Livestream Guidelines


 Individuals choosing to observe a Board Meeting via livestream may provide comments to the Board via email.  Public comments for a non-agenda or agendized item may be emailed to  In the subject line, please identify, as applicable, the agenda item in the addresses, including agenda item number and title.  If you wish to submit a public comment on more than one agenda item, please send a separate e-mail for each item on which you are commenting.  

 Any relevant written comment submitted by 5:00 pm on the business day prior to the Board Meeting will be read during this meeting.  All public comments will be limited to 3 minutes, a limit of approximately 450 words.  Any portion of your comment extending past the 450-word limit may not be read aloud due to the time restrictions.  All written comments that are not read into the record will be made part of the meeting minutes, provided that such comments are received prior to the end of the meeting.  Please be aware that written public comments including your name, may become public information.

 All email comments received 24 hours in advance of the Board meeting will have their comments read out-loud during the 'Hear the Public' portion of the Board meeting.  All email comments received within 24 hours of the Board meeting will have their comments printed, provided to the Board in written format, and have their comments noted within the Board meeting minutes.