Empire Union School District…A place dedicated to each of our children, devoted to our whole community, defined by our ideals, and providing the finest elementary education in the Central Valley.


To provide each of our children with a rigorous academic education, a safe learning environment, and the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for success.


  • We recognize that highly skilled, dedicated, and caring staff are our greatest resource, and commit to their ongoing professional development.

  • We embrace and celebrate the diversity in our community, valuing our cultural richness, multiple perspectives, and the varied contributions we all make to advance student achievement.

  • We have high expectations for learning for all students and staff, valuing achievement of core academic skills for all students, creating confident, effective thinkers and problem solvers, and ethical participants in society.

  • We value the use of technology as a tool to improve and support classroom instruction and school operations.

  • We believe that student connections to school are critical.  We support these connections through access to high-quality programs in the arts, athletics, and other curricular programs that create connections among students, adults, and learning.

  • We believe that all students will have equal access to strong core academic programs.

  • We believe that all district facilities should be attractive, safe, secure, clean, and comfortable.

  • We believe the district should engage in business and community partnerships.


  • The Board will act with dignity, choose civility and agree to ethical standards and behavior including the governance standards.

  • The Board will respect dissenting opinions in a respectful way that encourages sharing of ideas, experiences, and knowledge.

  • Teamwork is essential to meet our vision of high achievement for all students.  We will work for the good of the team, not our own individual interests.

  • Public engagement is essential to strong governance  We will listen to our stakeholders and encourage their input into our decision-making.

  • The success of every student is our essential and most important commitment.  The Board will keep student success at the forefront of all decisions.

  • The Board will utilize core values and goals while making decisions and allocating resources.

  • The Board is dedicated to fiscally responsible resource management and open and transparent fiscal decision-making.